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[Term(s) offered]

How do we know? Theory & Practice of Science (PH.260.700)

[1, 3]

Anatomy of Scientific Error (PH.260.701)

[2, 4]

Causation (PH.260.844)

[2, 4]

Fundamentals of Quantitative Reasoning (PH.260.705)


Evidence-Based Mentoring (PH.260.709)


Communication Practice for Health Science Professionals (PH.260.710)

[2, 4]

Unleash your Writing Superpower (PH.260.715)


R3 Writing Seminar (PH.260.713)

[1, 2, 3, 4]

Critical Dissection of the Scientific Literature (PH.260.704)

[1, 3]

Evidence-Based Teaching (Foundations & Practice) (PH.260.707/8)

[1, 2]

Community-Based Practice through Civic Engagement (PH.260.848)


The Performance of Leadership (PH.260.812)


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