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Putting the Ph back into the PhD – across disciplines & cultures

Join us for our annual Katharine E. Welsh Symposium on R3eforming Graduate Science Education – worldwide!

Learn from the experiences of practitioners from the US and around the globe. Explore innovative approaches to advanced training in the 3R’s, Rigor, Reproducibility and Responsibility, in graduate science programs across the disciplines!

Watch presentations and panel discussions by our national and international R3ISEnetwork partners. Participate in workshops providing tips on how to teach R3 in educational practice!


DAY 1 (Virtual)

August 3, 2022, 9am – 12pm US Eastern Time

9:00 am | Ellen MacKenzie, PhD’79, ScM’75

Dean, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Bloomberg School of Public Health

  • Opening remarks

9:05 am | Keynote: Rajini Rao, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

  • Enter the Mentor!

9:45 am | Jason Williams, PhD, Assistant Director, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories

  • Opening the Door to Good Science Education

10:20 am | Break and Q&A time

10:35 am | Guests: Felicity Enders, PhD, Professor, Mayo Clinic

                                     Steven Goodman, MD, PhD, Professor, Stanford University

                     Moderator: Ilinca Ciubotariu, MHS’17, Instructor, BSPH R3ISE Center 

  • Conversations on Quantitative R3easoning Training in Graduate School

11:20 am | Break

  • Time for Q&A and Open Discussion

11:30 am | Ehmke Pohl, PhD, Professor, University of Durham, UK

  • PhDs for the 21 century 
    Interdisciplinary Thinking and the Implementation of the “3R’s” in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Molecular Sciences for Medicine

11:55 am | Gundula Bosch, PhD, MEd’16, Director R3ISE Center, BSPH

  • Closing Remarks for Day 1

DAY 2 (Virtual)

August 4, 2022, 9am – 12 pm US Eastern Time 

9:00 am | Elizabeth Stuart, PhD

BSPH Executive Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Bloomberg Professor of American Health 

  • Opening Remarks 

9:05 am | Gundula Bosch, PhD, MEd’16, Director, R3ISE Center, BSPH

                  BSPH R3 Student Speakers: Ashlyn Blevins (MHS’22),

                  Abdel Rahman Ziad Daoud Daoud (ScM Candidate), Scott Mu (MD, ScM’22) 

  • The R3 Program at 5 

10:20 am | Break 

  • Time for Q&A and Open Discussion

10:30 am | Inter-Institutional Student Panel Discussion

                     Moderators: Heather Lamb, PhD & Emma Camacho, PhD

                                              R3ISE Instructors and BSPH Faculty

                     Panelists: Niyi Adelakun (OSU), Matthew Benedek (OSU),

                     Kristina Valladares (UAB), Sreelakshmi Cherakara (UAB), 

                     Will Thompson (Newcastle Univ., UK),

                     Alice Mueller (JHU BSPH), Parsa Farhang (JHU BSPH)

  • Experiences and Implications of R3 Program Training 

11:45 am | Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor,

Chair, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, BSPH

  • Closing Remarks and Outlook

After 12:00 pm | Open Discussion and Networking 

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